What Is Stress? Debunking The Myth Of Stress

I was listening to the replay of a call I did with Lauren Miller and I am reminded of a simple truth that I want to share it with you. The entire call was an hour long. But don't worry, the clip I have here is under 9 minutes with only one main point.

Listen to the entire 8 minutes or so. And let me know if you too find this to be true. To listen to the call, just click on the play


Roadblocks and motion, isn't that interesting?  What meaning does roadblock have for those in motion and wanting to go towards a defined destination?  What meaning does roadblock has for those with no movement or progress?

The next group coaching call (which I sometimes refer to as Coffee Talk) will take place on 10th Monday 8pm US EDT (ie 11th Friday 8am KL time).  I am having a Mother's Day party group call! Set aside an hour.

Come with your wine and your wins, or your sharing, ideas and anything else that is on your heart and mind. You can also bring questions about the core value exercises or share how a sense of "insignificance" and humor has helped you overcome your stress.  This is your call, your "Me Time".  And we will also take this time to honour and celebrate Mother's Day! So come join me for the Mothers' Day Coffee Talk!

Details of the call will be sent to you once you register. If you have any issues, just write to me using the Contact Us Tab and I will get back to you. 

Pass this information on if you also know of someone who can benefit from the audio. They will be thankful to you.

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