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What Is An Affiliate?
An affiliate is a person who sends traffic or visitors to a service provider’s website in an effort to make a sale for a product or service in exchange for an agreed commissions on the sales made.

Do I need my own website to be an affiliate?
Whether you own a complimentary website or business you could be earning extra income every month by joining my affiliate program.

If you do not have a website, use the affiliate link in your emails and your tweets. If you have a blog or a website you can make use of banners, images, blog posts and audio files that I have prepared for you here.

This page consists of simple instructions for you to create a unique link that directs people to our affiliate product website. You can email this link to your prospective purchasers. When they come to the product page at they can choose any of the products and any of these sales will attribute commissions to you.

The products are hosted at ClickBank and you will receive 50% commission for your sales.

What / Who is Click Bank?
Click Bank is an independent fulfillment company called Clickbank handles the sales processing and payment to affiliates. To join this affiliate program you will need to obtain a unique ‘nickname’ with Clickbank (details below).

To obtain a Clickbank nickname just follow the straightforward instructions below, it is free.
I. Get a ClickBank nickname
Go to

You cannot change your Click Bank nickname once you have saved it. Please remember the ClickBank nickname you have chosen. (If you’re already a Clickbank member, you can create your link below now!)

II. Generate your own affiliate link to promote my products and services
Your unique URL that links to the product web site is:
Replace nickname with your ClickBank ‘nickname’, replace vendorcode with louisa13

For example, if your ClickBank nickname was ‘poweraffiliate’, then your unique URL would be:

How am I am paid?
Click Bank sends checks out twice a month (or you can get set up for direct debit). They provide free online statistics with real time updates, so you can see how much commission you have earned at any time. Click Bank is a well established company to deal with, well regarded in the Internet community.

How can you track traffic that is sent by me?
You will use an affiliate to send traffic to my product/services sales pages.  This way you can be attracting commission 24/7 automatically. Every time one of your referrals clicks on your unique link to my sales pages and invest in my products and services through Click Bank, you will receive 50% of their monthly membership fee

What if I am in a non-related field, can I be your affiliate still?
If you have used the product or service or if you have seen my articles and blog posts and yo resonant with what I write and represent then you can be an affiliate.

Images that you can use to promote this product.  You can download the image and the upload to your site and add your own affiliate link by right clicking on the image.  This way you can send traffic to the sales page with your affiliate link).  You can also add a text underneath the image and hyperlink that with your unique affiliate link to achieve the same purpose.

Stress-Free Living In 30 Days Home Study Format

Articles that you can use to point to that will help promote this product. You can copy the paste the entire article from my blog post onto your own site provided that you also copy the resource box and keep all links active. At the resource box you can use your own affiliate link as hypertext to point traffic to the sales page.   Articles which you can use to promote the product include:

Are You Bamboo Enough To Survive?
Floating On A Sea Of Challenges
How Tensions and Growing Pains Can Benefit You

Question: Will I earn commission if they opt into your newsletters?
If your affiliate link was the last affiliate link they clicked on before ordering then the answer if “yes”. I use raw links. That means all links that I use promoting my product are not with an affiliate link.

It is not in my interest to use affiliate links to cancel out your affiliates links and deny you the commission. I hold integrity as a strong pillar and know that as you get to know me better, you will find out soon enough that I want to make my words count.

That means you will get the commission if you are the one who sends them to my articles or blog post. If there are 2 persons promoting my product, then the affiliate link that send traffic to the sales page is attributed commission and not the earlier ones. This is how Click Bank has set it up to be.

Audio Files On The Stress-Free Living  Which You Can Use
Feel free to use the audio at your site provided you do not edit the audio file. You can make use of your affiliate link and point them to the sales page after they listen to the audio file.

Alternatively, you can copy this post as it is and have it on your site so long as you keep the resource box and all links active. You can use your own affiliate link as hypertext to point traffic to the sales page.
Orientation Call for Stress-Free Living In 30 Days
An Interview: Sneak Preview of Stress-Free Living

Tweets you can use to promote this product
It is generally advisable to cloak your links. Apart of shortening the URL, it also allows you to track statistics on how many people have clicked on your affiliate link.  Try getting a snip URL account or a Bud URL account.  Both are free and very useful.

Samples of what you can tweet about include the following, remember you use your own url (or shortened bud url).

Lrn 2 manage ur stress & float on ur sea of challenges, xperience productive & #stress-free life

4 wks 2conquer overwhelm live stress-free & enjoy work as high achievers. More time w family 2

Get rid of unnecessary stress naturally & effortlessly 1nce &4all in 30 days. Use #stress-free secrets

Do u know why u r stressed & how u can adapt2 changes & yet b strong? Get d #stree-free secret at

U ct escape #stress but u can turn stress in2 motivation. RU ready 2 evolve in2 a better version of U?

My fnd @CoachLouisa teaches doable/effective tips wh ovrcome anxiety.U can use tips 2 liv #stress free.

Sample emails that you can send to your contacts – remember to change the affiliate link

Dear Reader,

It is not an under statement that you have too much to take care of at home and at work.  Your plate is full and overflowing.

I won’t be surprise if you sometimes feel frustrated and are drained flat out.  You kind of go through the motions of getting the work done without too much excitement or enthusiasm.  Feeling numb maybe?

It is time to pause and take stock. If you exhausted, burnt out, worried and not happy even though you have a lovely family and a growing business then let’s take a step back and see how we can turn this around for you.

You are experiencing signs of burnt out.  You want to know why you feel this way and how you can regain your motivation and energy. Have a look at this Stress-Free Home Study Format, it may be just what you need.

Effective and doable tips have been compiled for you in 4 audio files and with text guide sheets, a convenient format for your use at your convenience in the comfort of your home.

You do not need to live with stress.

If you are looking for ways to break out of your current overwhelmed and mundane state, then some things need to change.

This Stress-Free Home study format will help you get better understanding of yourself and:

* Debunk the major myths surrounding what stress is.

* Address 2 key roadblocks to a life of lightness and joy

* Uncover the secrets of floating on a sea of pressures in your daily life.

4 weeks is what it takes if you can set aside 30 minutes of self care time twice a week to go through these audio files and implement the suggestions.

Enjoy ease, calmness and fulfillment as you pursue your dreams in your personal and business life using this home study format.

For a limited time, you can also tap into the complimentary group coaching facilities for a month.

What can be better than having a live certified coach to help you along as you do the home study format these 4 weeks at your own time?

You have access to live calls and you can ask any questions arising from your work or family stress as you make use of the tips in the product. Start enjoying ease, calmness and fulfillment as you pursue your dreams in your personal and business life using this home study format.

Many have tried it and found it helpful. You do not need medication or expensive props to help you get out of the funk.

Right where you are, listen to simple but powerful tips that will help you experience calmness, clarity, focus and enthusiasm again. Live life, enjoy your work and thrive – without the stress.

There is really nothing to fear. Learn the secrets of being flexible and strong. The truth about floating instead of drowning and look forward to each new day!

Hi There,

Do you feel zapped of your physical, mental and emotional strength from the demands of work and feel that you are running around in circles?

You pursue success but it seems to be draining the life out of you. And you wonder if there is a way to success without being a victim of stress?

Imagine having the time to enjoy the things you like with the people you love; living your the ideal life and enjoying success.

This is possible – no matter how unreal that seems to you now. Check this out

Louisa Chan, my fellow coach has put together a 4-part audio file with text guides to help you ride out and manage your daily stress.

She does this by going to the core of the problem, looking at the mind, the emotions as well as the physical domains.  She brings you back to the basics and help you examine and understand why you are stressed, what you are stressed by and how you can manage these stress.

As my valued friend and readers, I like to let you know about this homestudy format that can be used in the convenience of your home so you can uncover the secrets of living a calm and centered life amidst the many turmoils and demands of work and family.

You can read more about it here:

Whether you are an entrepreneurs, a professional at the corporate world, a work at home mom or a stay at home mom, you have heavy responsibilities and tight schedules and many balls to juggle.

What can be more important than getting a handle on how to manage your stress level, which in turns affect your health, your relationships, your work and your performance?

Do your self a great favor and get some guidelines on how to manage your daily stress.

When you are stressed out and tired, guess who suffers the most? Those who matter to you most and who are nearest to you.  They seem to be the ones who get the “unleashing” of your unintended pent up emotions and frustrations, unfortunately.

If you are overwhelmed and anxious then visit this page and find out how you can turn your stress into strengths with a little help.

Stress is optional.  You do not need to live with it.  Why not try out some of these techniques before you give up hope.

Our modern society demands that we multil-task, and overloads us with too much information. If you feel that you are not focused, sharp or energetic and productive, you will want to check this out.