Bend A Few Bows And Rules

The MozART Group In Action
The MozART Group In Action

I first saw this video on my sis’ Facebook wall.

I have always loved Mozart’s music, it’s elegant, classical and melodious so I thought I will check this out and was I glad I did!

Before I say anything else, I think it’s best your watch the video first – whether you “like” classical music or not.

And then you can share your thoughts. I will also share mine. But promise you won’t look at it until you have watched the video.

So here’s the MozART Group of musicians.

Excerpts from The MozART Group.

So did you enjoy it? There are many marketing lessons I can draw from this but I would just like to say this. That there are more than one way to minister to people through the same instrument/tool.

Whilst we have been brought up to “respect” quartets and great composers, sometimes breaking out of a form and blending it into the current state of the audience may just do the trick as well.

Mind you, these are accomplished musicians who play with great techniques, and they are able to use their skills to reach a wider audience and touch lives with their unique yet authentic channel. Food for more thoughts?

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