Location Based Searches On Google

Location Based Searches using Mobile Devices
Location Based Searches using Mobile Devices

If you are out with friends and would like to find a nice place to hang out or to have a meal, where could you get some recommendations?

Or you may have a sudden urgent need for a vet or the clinic and you are not sure who to call, what would you do?

You washer decides to stop working and oozes out water and you need a mechanic or technician around quick … And what about when you computer gets infected and you need it fixed quickly, who do you call?

Check out Google Local Places and check out Google Hot Pot. If you go to google and type in the word for whatever you are searching (it works on your mobile too) and click Places, Google will return you with a list of near by locations for the help you are looking for.

And if you want a more customized listing – one based on your previous visits or preference, try hot pot. This video shows you how you can do this.

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The next time you want to hang out with friends or look for some urgent help, just refer to your google hot pot. The more you leave your reviews, the better google will understand your ‘taste’ and return you results that are relevant.

More on Google Places with Hot Pot for mobile phones here.

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  1. […] I think Google Latitude has quite a bt to catch up with Foursqare and Facebook Places in this aspect but some uniques features which differential Latitude from Facebook or Foursquare include a notification feature that reminds you to check-in, or even automatically check-in for you at designated places and an automatic check out program for commonly visited places. Latitude works and integrates with Google Places, maps and Hot Pots […]

  2. Great information Louisa! And your timing is excellent. I have been working on my local boot camp business website… unfortunately Google took down my Places because I had no real physical address… well where my boot camp works out does not have a physical address…bottom line when I did put an address in it, they still did not reinstate it and I lost not only my pin on a map, but all the wonderful reviews I had. Now I am starting over and thanks to you, I know about Google Hot Pot as well. You are a wealth of knowledge! All the best!!

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