Mother’s Day Gift – How About Home Made Video?

So Mother's Day is coming and soon after that Father's Day. Why not make them a video with the photos you have taken of them?  There are 2 free services that I know of; one is flixtime, it offers 60 seconds clip for free. This is a test clip that I made using their images and music. You can easily upload your own photos as well as your music and make a quick  fun video.

No technology involved.  Just sign up for a free account at flixtime and then upload your photos, choose your music (or upload your own) and they will  mix and render the video for you. If you are not happy with the result, you can always remix it. A video get done in minutes, hassle free.

Alternatively, you can use Animoto. They offer 30 seconds cliip for free with options for upgrade. Again, you can sign up for a free account, upload your photos, choose your music and voila, you will have your video mixed and rendered. 

Technology is making video making very straight forward.  If you are not interested in learning the differnt video editing software and would like to make some quick, fun videos, here's one way. Have fun with this, make some family memories, I am sure it will provide for very enjoyable time with the family. And Happy Mother's Day! 

By the way, are you coming for my Mother's Day Party? All are welcomed. Bring your own wine and wins! And just one more thing. Please feel free to share this post with others.

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