Permission Based Marketing Or Hit The Edit Button

Have you been getting so many notification from groups lately? So every time someone in those groups posts or comments you get a ping and that adds to the noise and clutter.

I subscribe to many feeds because I want to keep with the trend and development of areas I am interested in and sites that I enjoy reading. However, if you like to have only notifications that you are interested in, what do you do?

Permission Based Marketing
Permission Based Marketing

Go to one of these groups – choose edit setting at the top right

corner and modify your settings. There are at least 3 places you
can do this – you can also choose to turn off all group emails 😉

Now that Facebook message is live (and is being rolled out gradually) you may get even more notifications because it will now come from chats, IM, text and message.

Word of caution, use it as a tool for communicating value and not
spamming 😉

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