Presentations That Sell – How To Kill From The Stage

Block out May 25th 6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern (May 26th 9am Malaysian Time)
. Join Maurice the Sicilian Mentor and Louisa Chan for a specially arranged tele seminar on how to make "Presentations that Sell – How to Kill From the Stage with Confidence, Character and Charisma".

Public Speaking - Presentations That Sells Maurice DiMino is
The Sicilian Mentor. Maurice is an award winning speaker, author and mentor. He created the Sicilian Mentor Presentation Template.

Maurice has coached executives, entrepreneur and celebrities. They have used his template and they have turned their Number #1 fear, public speaking, into their number one asset, Presentations that Sell.

As a result of applying Maurice’s tips, his clients have sold more products, converted more prospects into raving fans and they have raised the awareness of causes and charities across America.

Maurice DiMino will share with us how to make Presentation That Sells and How to Kill From the Stage with Character, Charisma and Confidence.

Whether it is your first speech or your 50th, Maurice has practical tips for you. Here's what you will learn form the conversation: 

– Why Public Speaking Is Important
– The Number One Factor Inhibiting Effective Speeches 
– How To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking
– Common Mistakes Committed In Public Speaking
– What To Look Out For In Making Your First Speech
– How to Sell Your Ideas Without Selling
– And answers to your most pressing questions

Maurice has a special gift for those who register for this callLeave your most important questions about delivering effective speeches in the comments section below. We'll answer as many of the most popular questions as we can.

Even if you cannot join us for the live call, register so you can have access to the replay as well as to access Maurice's generous gift to you. Talk soon!


Presentations That Sell


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