Public Speaking – The Fun And Effective Way

“You can do 100 cold calls to 100 people or you can gather 100 people in a room and give one warm call". Which one works better for you?

I will be having a conversation with Maurice DiMino The Sicilian Mentor on making Profitable Presentations. Presentations that not only convey your message across powerfully but also help you sell your ideas and visions effectively.

Maurice will be sharing valuable tips on how to overcome the number 1 fear of public speaking, and how to turn that into your number 1 asset. 

Topic: “Presentations that Sell – How to Kill From the Stage with Confidence, Character and Charisma”
Hosts: Louisa Chan with Maurice DiMino
Date: Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
Time: 6:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm Eastern Time
(This is Wednesday, May 26th 9am Malaysian Time)

You can register here:

If you have a message that you want the world to know and if you want to do that Effectively and Elegantly, with Confidence, Character and Charisma, then come and find out how.

No experience speaking? No problem. Maurice has a template that is proven and tried. If you are ready to release your message to the world then jump onto the call and use his tips.

And by the way, Maurice has prepared something to give you. So are you coming?

Register for the webinar here:

Got a question on public speaking and making presentations with results and impact? You can leave your questions at the comment section below – after you have confirmed your registration! And we will be answering your questions on the call. This is a great way to learn form the expert.

Come join us for a great time of learning and exchange of ideas in a fun way. Then go use these tips and deliver your message to the world! 

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