Stress May Be Invisible But Not Invincible

In these tough economic times, workers are stressed at work. They are asked to do more with less time and resources. Orders are low and clients are more picky these days. At the back of their mind, workers are wondering when the axe will fall on them.  

And then we have those who are without a job or have been laid off. They too are stressed – they wonder if and how they will find replacement income to foot the bill.

So with or without job, people are anxious and worried. And it is not unusual to come home and be greeted by more issues in the family. Growing teenagers with raging hormones are having dramas. At times angry words are lashed out in the moment and sibling relationships are further strained.

How do you cope as a working mother? Stress is at every corner. You feel tired and wonder how you are going to get through all these. Well, issues are here to stay. To survive and to thrive in these situations you must learn to manage stress and frustrations.  Here are a few things to note about stress:

What is stress? It has neither shape nor form, yet it turns up at every corner – if you let it. Stress is not a thing; it is not an external object that you can point it. Instead it is felt within you. It is the reaction you experience when you encounter certain situations.

There does not seem to be a universal absolute definition of what might be considered as stress. The same thing that is stressful to one person may be a source of or challenge to the other. If you find a situation to be stressful then it is. If not then it isn’t. It has to do with your feeling, your internal emotional and physiological reaction, you perceptions.       

Stress is fear based. It normal arises when there is perceived threat or danger, due to uncertainty or the unknown. You feel stressful when there is the perceived fear of not being able to handle a situation, of not being enough – not good enough a parent, not cool enough for the boys, not rich enough to take care of them, or not worthy enough of their love and respect.

How do you combat the feelings of fear and anxiety?
Learn to take control of your thoughts – instead of letting your inner conversation take you out unnecessarily, take control and affirm to yourself that you are capable of handling the situation. Say out loud to yourself that you are resourceful and creative and that you will triumph when you are in your best state as your best self.

Know also that you will believe what you want to believe. If you think you have what it takes you will find the confidence and the strength to pull through. If you resign to the external challenge then you will remain in that state of weakness because you will believe what you hold to be true.

Manage your Feelings.  Once you get your thoughts under control, your emotions will change accordingly. A confident, conquering mind will be accompanied by hopeful, positive emotions.

Let go of the need to seek approval, to impress or to be accepted. Accept you as you are and acknowledge yourself. You do not need to prove anything to anyone; therefore there needs be no fear of not being "enough". Be your best and do your best and let nobody put you down for being your true self.

Relax, things will always work out somehow.  Sometimes, you may just need to take another path.

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