An Inspirational Video On Life And Its Transitions

I like to start my day with a nice, hot cup of coffee.  Ok, I know, not the most healthy thing to do but I allow myself 1 cup a day!

One day I chanced upon this video which so elegantly paints the analogy of life that I just want to share it with you. So go grab your favorite cuppa and enjoy the message here.

By the way, do you have a favorite cup that you use? I know I do. Perhaps try using different cups and see how that feels? That is you in transition. But it is the same coffee, the same you, just a different container surrounding you for the moment.

Hopefully this will help us see external changes (which are beyond our control) as they are. However, do get a good strong cup though, one that holds the coffee well and without cracks.

What do you like most about the video message?
The message that spoke to me is this:
That who we are, and the life that we live is not defined by the environment we find ourselves in – not our jobs (for those in between jobs or starting up your own businesses), not our career or marital statuses (for those in transition and adapting to new phase in life), not even how many followers we have on twitter or facebook!

We are the same person in all these changing circumstances and transitions. Just continue to send off the sweet aroma of life in whatever cup that is holding you now (things do and will change).  Live simply, speak kindly, care deeply, love generously! A great tip to manage your work stress!

Nothing against nice China porcelain cups, but whatever cup you are using now is fine. Coffee Lovers go for the aroma and the taste and not the cup!

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6 comments on “An Inspirational Video On Life And Its Transitions

  1. Thanks for posting this video… I like the part about savoring the coffee… it's what's inside that matters. Before I got to that part though, I was imagining the tray of assorted mugs/cups in my mind and already choosing… I am particular about what "houses" my coffee. It is not about the finery as much as the function… solid, good handle, not too fussy, thick enough to keep the coffee warm longer. Perhaps I need to raise my standards?

    • Hi Lauren! Good to see you dropping by.

      I love the coffee and the mug! It is so easy to be discouraged with things that don’t matter as much. I am going to make conscious effect to enjoy life, and myself – big statement, but yes!

      Simple video that leaves lots of room for reflection . And I like the music too.


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