Protect eMail Addresses – Avoid Spamming

We use emails to communicate with friends and family. Unfortunately spammers harvest emails addresses on-line and use them to send unsolicited bulk mails – also known as spamming.

I received enough emails with long lists of addresses that I thought it is time to put up a little video – just in case some of us are not aware of the seriousness and consequence of releasing email addresses without consent. 

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Only give your primary email address to people you know and trust.  If your address has been harvested and spammed, you will need to do damage control.

Do not send bulk emails.

Only send emails when you have permission to do so (for example through a permission-based email system with a voluntary opt in).  As an example, you will see opt in boxes at the Abundant Lives Coaching blog site where you can provide your email address if you wish to receive newsletters and updates from me. Permission-based relationships and networking is the way to go.

Always protect the email addresses of your contacts and friends.  
Be awesome and do good.

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