Be Big, Be Who You Can Be

Dedicated to All Who Are Ready To Experience Magic In Their Lives

I was at a high impact, intensive 7-Day workshop with Blair Singer the past week and throughout the workshop we were challenged to be a bigger person, do greater work with bigger impact. Mind you, this was a workshop on Sales and Leadership but the beautiful thing with Blair's work is that he often works on personal development as he teachers business development.  

I will not be able to share all the transformations that have taken place in me and those around me here but these are going into my journal for sure. Most were pretty obvious and some were quite dramatic. 

Here's a song that came to mind as I think of the past week. Love the lyrics and I too hope that "You can strive to be more than what you think you can be". That "All of your dreams are only a heartbeat away and that the answers are all up to you". The power is in your hands, you are in control, you just need to decide and do it. "Seize that one moment in time and Make It Shine". 


3 years ago I participated in the same workshop with Blair and I can see how that has prepared me for my work the last few years. From a content person (aka "expert professional") he showed me the importance of selling – which later led to an unsolicited online sales job with a virtual educational institution (in which I did quite well). This time round I am at a different place and I am so very glad I participated and learned from one of the greatest Teacher and Facilitator live, in person and be coached by him personally from the stage.

Blair and his workshops are not for the fainthearted. He turned up the heat day by day within the context of a safe environment and it forces you to either move forward and be transformed or to want to bail out. For those who believe they have potential that has yet to be unleashed, this is the workshop I recommend you consider doing.

This is where I learned what pertubation process in life means. T
here is no need to panic or be stressed-out when things are in chaos and when the pressures are great. When that happens just know that pertubation and transformation is about to take place and that you will be a bigger person when you push past the pressures. 

If I have to use one sentence to summarize the entire workshop it would be this: "If you want to play the game of life, get into the game and Play Big". The world needs you. There is no value in being small, to you or to those around you. So Be Big, Be Who You Can Be!!

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