Content, Marketing or Content Marketing?

For you who want to get your content and message out there

I saw a really cool video player that I can use, no techno skills required. Here's a short video previewing Easy Video Player 2.

If you use (or are planning to use) video as part of your marketing or content delivery, then you will want to check this out. The market is moving from text-based training to video-based training.

What's the new way of learning and delivering information?

eBooks and vBooks, webinars and video based training. Imagine being able to reach people all over the world who may not be able to attend you talks/classes due to time constraint. And imagine doing your work once and leveraging on your one-time effort.

I am definitely a firm believer of online information product creation although I still have a cupboard full of books and boxes of them everywhere …

Here's a cool video player that'll serve your video content on any site with marketing focused features. It's not released yet but you can get a glimpse of what it can do …

Some ask me how Easy Video Player is different from Kajabi.

Well Kajabi is a content management, content mareting, membership and community platform which you can use for launches, delivering your training and maintaining your membership content.

Easy Video Player is a video player – that you can use to make video easily without the hassle of coding, rendering, encoding etc. It is easy to use and has marketing focused features to help you get your message out with greater control and ease. You can make your video and host it anywhere, on your blog, your sales page, opt in page, facebook page etc.

These 2 are not exclusive but complementary. Check them out and test drive them. Ride on the wave and change with the times.

In today's context, marketing is not separate from content.
When you have great content, you want to show it to the world.  Let others get a foretaste of your great message or solution. And how do you market your stuff effectively unless you have great content? 


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