7 Questions For Your Personal And Professional Development Plan

Have you worked with a personal coach or invested in a homestudy course before? How is your experience with that and how has that helped you in your personal and professional life?  

We are almost at the half way mark of the year at 30th June, seems like a good time to stop and take stock of where we want to go and where we are right now.

As I am building my online coaching and information product business, I would really appreciate it if you will take 5 minutes to do this simple and anonymous survey.  That will give me an idea of the emerging trend so I know how to monitor and make adjustments to the services/products I offer.

or the first 30 those who submit the form, I like to invite you to a free 30-minute Trusted Advisory Call session. You will also be invited to join me in a free tele-class at the end of my survey where I will share with you my findings as well as tips to help overcome these common challenges. For everyone else, you will be invited to the free tele-class. So here 's the survey, and thank you for your participation!

Click Here To Take The Survey

If you are among the first 30 to send in the survey, I will send you a link to book your personal Trusted Advisory Call with me via Skype. You will get some coaching, advise and support from me with your major challenge so the 30 minutes spent will be valuable to you to you right away. There may also be possibilities that we might see areas to work together and form some joint venture partnerships. 

In any case, thank you very much and we will be talking soon!

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