Do You Have Your ‘Should List’?

Do you have a list of ‘should’s?
The ‘I should do this’, ‘I should not do that’, ‘I should have gone for that walk’. 
Do you also find that the list of ‘should’s does not get you doing (or not doing) any of the things you listed down?

Play a little game with me. Now turn those ‘should’s into ‘MUST”.
So now it becomes ‘I must do this’ and ‘I must not do that’.

How does that sound to you?
A lot more determined and resolute, don’t you think?
Resolute! That’s the keyword here.

If you have already broken your new year resolutions, this the the time to get back on track. Turn the ‘should’ into ‘must‘. Unless you so desire and so want this goal that you have that you must have it no matter what, unless it is non-negotiable, you will not do what it takes.

New Year Resolutions are for those who are resolute. It is not a ‘nice-to-have’ but a ‘must-have’. So if you can turn your ‘should’s into ‘must’ head over to and book your special New Year program.

Setting Goals and Getting Results
Setting Goals and Getting Results

Head over to now as the mobile coupon for the special 2-for-1 New Year Coaching Program is good until 12th Jan 2011 11:59pm US ET.

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