Let The Don’t Quit Poem Speak

Have you tried reaching for your goals, working hard at it, adjusting, making sacrifices, and now you are tired, discouraged and about to give up?  I understand that feeling too well, but don't quit – yet.

Don't Quit PoemGrowth comes from seeking new frontiers, getting out of the comfort zone and into the learning zone.  

The challenges we face today are not the challenges we faced a year ago.  We have progressed. Agree? 

But perhaps we are so busy working on getting over the present hurdle that we have not sat down to notice how far we have come. This is a continuous journey of learning, growing and maturing.

Take a breather, refresh yourself with a good supply of water, nutrients, rest, sunshine, laughter, family and friends and then you will be ready to move on again.

Here's a beautiful poem that you may already have heard. I first saw this in my teens at a book store and I copied the verses. So glad technology know enables us to tap into these resources. Let the music and the words refresh and strengthen your soul for the journey ahead.

The original video site can be found here. When the words sink in you will find renewed energy to go for the next lap.  If you are looking for some inspirational and motivational material, here's one on perspective of life that I like.

3 comments on “Let The Don’t Quit Poem Speak

  1. What a great topic along with words of wisdom! Thank you for sharing. The poem is awesome as well as your comments. I subscribe to the positive thinking approach to all issues and concerns. I have discovered that it is during the times that everything seems to fail that I must work even harder at positive thinking just as the poem and your post suggests. When dealt with a problem, I believe it is best to discover the hidden gem of a message, a lesson or a different direction I need to take. Keep your head up using a positive approach because no one is with you all day to hold it up for you.

    Thanks again for a wonderful post!
    With peace and gratitude,

    • Hi Bill,

      Glad you like the poem and the post and thanks for your positive words of encouragement. Being and maintaining postivity can be challenging in this day, yet it is crucial. If we want to live strong, healthy, impactful lives, we will want to look for lessons in every situation and we will want to keep focus and move forward.

      Thanks for your sharing. I love how you reframe situations and look for supportive perspectives. One more candle that shines in the darkness!


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