Solo Entrepreneur Renting Multiple Expert Input

Most solo business owners and the self employed manage their business all by themselves and work pretty much on their own.

To constantly improve and to increase their productivity, some attend weekend seminars and workshops to learn from experts while others stay on top of the game by updating themselves with magazines and books.

However, this is still trying to do most if not all of the entrepreneurial work of planning, deciding, managing, sourcing all on your own. That often feels like you are working in isolation and you wonder how others are handling issues that you have. You wish you can have a peep into or better still ride on others' way of doing things and move forward faster and easier.

What if …

There is a way for you to tap into a wide collection of skills, creativity, experience and expertise as well as resources of other business owners so you achieve your desired results using their proven paths to avoid pitfalls?

This way –

1- You can create results that you could not otherwise have achieved (at least not as quickly nor smoothly) without the combined resources and assets of others.

Imagine if you can connect with others on a regular basis –

2- You increase your influence and network with others, you reach further and wider with less effort.

Would it not be worth considering?

3- Also something magical happens when a few people put their heads and hearts together regularly in a concerted effort and work in harmony to support each others' success. The combined effort far outweighs the sum of the individual efforts. Buckminster Fuller calls this synergy.

Synergy does not happen if you work alone. Your brightest idea stands alone. But when collective wisdom and expertise work together, you get far greater results, more creativity, more resourcefulness and more options or solutions to choose from.

That is the beauty of having an avenue to tap into others’ sphere of knowledge and influence. You not only network with others but also achieve your results faster, tapping into others' experience and assets.

Combine your skills and influence

Some business owners meet on an ad hoc basis in an informal setting where different persons take turns chairing a support meeting. This is on a need-to basis and these meetings are generally dissolved when the project on hand is completed.

Imagine what greater benefit you can have when you have regular and on going structured mastermind team meeting. A mastermind team is often more "objective driven", focus-and-to-the-point and with a facilitator in place. The facilitator normally runs the meeting with a process which ensures that more focus questions are asked and more focus goals are set. The facilitator also will put the meeting time to good use when there is focus discussion.

Equally important is to ensure that every participant gets her/his chance to have his/her concerns addressed and attended to. In any case, the mastermind will be a place of resource and it will set up some accountability structures for you to keep focus move towards your target.

In this fast paced world with new opportunities every day, it is so easy to be side tracked and distracted from your goal. Keeping on track and on target could make the difference between surviving and thriving.

I cannot stress the benefits of having a regular mastermind enough. I recommend you join one and experience the magic for yourself.

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