The Rainbow Waiting To Dazzle, The Light Waiting To Shine!

Inspiration Video – Let You Light Shine, Let Your Rainbow Dazzle!

Some of us may already be familiar with Marianne Williamson and her beautiful words here.  Set to the pictures in the background this video becomes so powerful a tool of inspiration.

Now try this.
As you soak in the words you saw earlier, close your eyes and just listen to the music, the entire score not just the melody, not just the piano but the percussion and the gentle woodwinds as well as the strings. Listen to how the piece unfolds and develops and how it tells the same story …

Do you hear the power of the under water current of a seemingly still water surface? The unisons and octaves as well as the running arpeggios of the strings? A minor key (with diminished intervals) that is dynamic which eventually breaks through, shines and finds peace? …

I hope you too are inspired by the color and texture of this composition and its orchestration. And I am thankful for the people that have allowed their rainbows to dazzle my world.

Let Your Light Shine!

The words are beautifully written, the photography is breath-taking and the music just brings out the soul of the message so poignantly. Imagine what we can collectively do as we put our talents together!

Let Our Light Shine!

P/s A little different from what I normally write but music holds a special place in my heart and I just can't help but share these thoughts with you …

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