A Quick Fix For Facebook Views

Updates with Louisa Chan
Updates with Louisa Chan

Not sure if you noticed it but Facebook has recently changed the way news feeds are showing up on Recent Feeds and Top News.

Right now the default is settings shows feeds of those you have recently interacted with – so you could have missed seeing some of your friends’ feed. This also means that you may have missed updates from pages you like and have subscribed to.

No worries, there is a one-minute fix to this issue. Just follow the steps outlined in this video and you are good to go.

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More regular tips are available here. You may also want to share this with your friends – they may be wondering why you have suddenly gone quiet and as they have missed your recent status updates.

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  1. How do i restore my photo album it says empty all my pics can be veiwed only if i send a new pic then u can click it to see the others and the new pic does not make it home either so i cant even start a new album

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