Be Transformed into A New You

What do you do when you are broken and in pieces? The whole is gone, and you find yourself picking up the pieces and trying to somehow put them together again. And what if the pieces do not gel together, and there’s cracks showing? And what do you do when you are crushed and pulverized? How do you glue that together?

Well, perhaps this is where the new re-creation comes in. What if the fine powdered pieces can be rolled, bent, mixed, moulded, reshaped, put to dry and baked in the fire for it turns into something new, fresh and strong? There will be no more cracks and weaknesses but instead an entire new work of art, a re-creation; strong, sturdy, pure and perhaps quite different from the original piece. The imagery of pottery may help here.

There is much value and wisdom in the breaking down in order to build up again. The tearing-down of the old makes way for the making of the new. You can look forward to the new creation that is whole, healthy, fresh, new and strong, able to take pressure and strain and can weather the storms. However two things need to happen. First, the willingness to be rolled, bent, mixed, moulded and reshaped. And secondly; to be put to the fire. It is the fire that leads to a permanent change that increases the strength as the new recreation takes on a new shape and form.

So why cling onto the old when it is not serving us well? Letting go of the old and familiar and comfortable has been frightful and unnatural to begin with. However, if the old is not serving us well, do we still want to cling onto that which is not working? Do we want to make room for the new?

Think in terms of our old belief system, our past conditioning and mindset. Do these support us and empower us or do they hinder and invalidate us? Do they help in creating new possibilities and options; do they bring out the best in us? Then why do we still cling onto them? What good does it do to us to continue in the same way knowing that we will not be getting different results?

Change can be frightful and unpredictable, but change also opens up to new possibilities and options. If we passively accept the present broken pieces and choose to remain in that state then I am afraid noting much will change; we will continue to live with the cracks. However, when we can see the beauty of the new possibilities and its attraction, we want and welcome the change. We want to make room for and plan for that change. And we know that the greater the magnitude and intensity of the change, the stronger is the new work of art. Porcelain has a higher firing temperature than earthenware and therefore a harder surface although both made of clay and water.

So the first step to anything new; a new belief system, a new mindset, a new attitude, new behaviors, a new life style and new possibilities begin with the desire to want to change.  And that comes with having eyes of faith and hearts of courage that sees the beauty of the new recreation which is potentially within reach but only if we let go of the old and go for the new.

Will you want to go for the change?  And how far are you willing to go?  Do you want to remain a cracked pot with the broken pieces glued together or would you rather be a new work of porcelain?

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