Done. Next Project Please

Couple of years ago when I made up my mind to conquer Mt Kinabalu, I had a plan to work up my stamina and muscles. I did 2 hours of yoga everyday 6 days a week over a year. Sometimes it is nice and easy yin yoga to stretch and open up the joints for flexibility. Other times, I did Harta or Hot yoga, to get the circulation going and to build the core muscles through resistance and repetition.

I can possibly do the routine at home. Yet I hit the studio every day, I like the motivation and the momentum of practising
together in a community – and I achieved my goal -as planned.

Fast forward to today, I have stiff shoulders, back pain and I started panting when I climb the stairs.  And not only that, I don’t seem to be as grounded nor as sharp in my thinking. 
You guessed it, I stopped going to the yoga studio. 

Time to start the routine again. I must have said that many times. Yet I did not do much about it. Although I can see the benefits of doing exercises and I really wanted to exercise again, I did not.
Plus I also knew how to do the routine, I just had not been able to get it going.

I wake up to another day of having yoga practice on my to-do list and transferring that to the next day.

Then I bumped into my yoga teacher twice in the same week. We chattered and he passed me 2 free passes so I have no excuses not to come to class again. The deal was that I would use these 2 classes to evaluate if I would want to restart classes at the studio.

Back to the mat. The instance I stepped into class, and I see others practicing, I feel motivated and I am energize when I am practicing with other practitioners. I also stayed back for a catch up session and enjoyed the discussions on alignment and breathing.

Many times, we have good intentions and we did not get round to doing them; whether it is starting the piano lessons, taking that much needed vacation, uncluttering that wardrobe, drinking more water, having more fruits or finishing that information product.  We know what to do and we can do it and we just did not.

But when I pay for a monthly subscription to join the yoga studio, I made that finite commitment to consciously and actively invest in my own health. When that transaction takes place I make it a priority to make this project work. Doing it with a group of practitioners gives it an added dimension. There is group synergy and dynamics, there is accountability and with the instructor leading and facilitating the class there is structures and stability and a safe environment to work in.

This is very much the same in a mastermind group. It is not that you do not know what to do, but being in a group that meets regularly in a structured manner helps bring out the best efforts and creativity in you, to achieve your highest standards.

I am going to open up a master mind group in 2 weeks time (week of 23rd Nov) and would like to invite 7 people who are willing to invest an hour a week in exchange for exponential growth in their personal and business productivity.

If you have wanted to complete more projects, create more products, get more clients, be more organized and maintain a healthy lifestyle then you want to join this mastermind group.  You will be with 7 like minded people, who are intent on getting results and supporting each other. You tap into varied and diverse expert views.

By the way, this is different from coaching.  This is where you declare your goals, get collective input for your questions, hold yourself accountable for the goals you set and have a community to check in with once a week.  It is very much action and result oriented.  It sets the pulse and the rhythm for your business.

I now have 7 spots open for 7 highly motivated persons to come join me in my master mind. I am in the process of being certified as a mastermind leader and therefore will not be charging my regular fee for this mastermind group – for a limited time.

If you are interested to explore joining this master mind group for a month of complimentary access, you can write in to Please state your goals for joining this mastermind and your pain/struggles.  You will be attending 4 weekly calls, an hour a week and work on your specific goals for the 30 days.  You can then decide if you want to carry on with me in the paid mastermind group.

If you are ready to get more projects done, be more efficient, get more leads, more sales, more presence, less stress and be willing to support and be supported then this is the program for you. 

Do note that this is not a “training” so relying on listening to replay will not work here. Also note that this is not a cozy catch up "let’s connect" type of call. There is a place for that and I can direct you to that place if you are interested (just write me). 

Masterminding is a place for setting clear and focus goals, being accountable to your goals and achieving them systematically, and collectively in the group. You get 7 minutes to do that – you can imagine how "focus" you can get and what that does to your personal and business productivity.

The mastermind group is your pulse, your life line. If you are frustrated and stuck somewhere in your business and you have been trying different tricks to motivate yourself to achieve your goal then write in and we will have a conversation.

By the way, the first mastermind group which I sent out invitation to 3 weeks ago is the answer to my increased productivity. It is amazing how much more I manage to do given the same external circumstances, and I got to know 6 other mastermind partners who bring their valuable input and energy to the call every week.  To stay informed of special deals ahead of others, just sign up here – it's free.

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