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During the week, 3 of my published articles have been modified when republished. My initial reaction was an emotional unrest followed by a quick reconditioning to "let it go". 

You see when I submit my articles to online directories, I am giving permission for my articles to be republished. There are of course guideline for republishing and most do follow the guidelines.  Some however, violate the system and use published articles towards their own good.

What do you do in this situation? I cannot control others' behavior. Although I can contact the owner of the site but I don't expect miracles. However, I can "release" the feeling of unrest and let go of the scarcity mentality and instead concentrate on generating more value and articles. Counter intuitive huh?

Look, pirated copies of software circulating around has not stopped vendors from continuing to research and better their products. There will always be some who look for loop holes and take advantage yet my mantra is to keep on focusing on my cause and not be distracted by the noise around me. As my mentor coach would say, focus on creating more so that what is "leaking" will pale in comparison.

And when I reframe my perspective, this "copying" is an affirmation that my articles are on the right track. Otherwise others will not want to re-publish them and direct credit to themselves!

Keyword Research ToolMy point today is to help you get creative when you hit writer's block. There is a place for research and looking up relevant and related material.

It not only gives you background information, you will also want to know what others are saying on the topic; whether you agree, disagree or have another view to offer. 

So by all means look at others' content and you can also quote or refer to their work – and give credit where credit is due, ok? And do not modify the original article or misrepresent the author.

Today I am going to show you a very cool way of finding relevant material for your writing or speeches. It will bring you material from Amazon, ezine directories, even you tubes and wikis.  You can read up, soak in, digest and come up with your own message.

Not only that, you can also check up on keywords used in these articles, see how they are ranking on the search engines and reverse engineer on the back links (and their strength) linking to these sites. This research will give you an idea of the possible keywords that you may want to use and the sites that you too may want to link to so that your article too will rank high on SEO.

The information you need is all out there.  You just need to know how and where to look for it. And be wiling to spend some time doing the research.  If we want to write articles that will benefit others and be searchable on the internet, then we want to do our research well and get all the SEO juice that we can. 

I have a video here that will demonstrate to you how this detective work is done. Click on this link and let Market Samurai show you relevant resources for your book, speech and product.

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