Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook And What That Means

If you have been using the internet for sometime, you will know that changes happen every so often. Policies change and we, the users are affected.  It also means that we either keep up or be left behind (or along the sideway).

As it turns out, there has been quite some chatter lately.  Small business owners who are just starting their business as well as seasoned marketers have heard (or have been effected by) the recent Google changes, Visa/Mastercard crackdown as well as much stricter FTC regulations. We now have stricter guidelines to follow when using endorsements.

What causes these crack downs?  No one really knows.  Many are going around with questions and concern on their mind.  Some have been "hit" and still do not know why.  Just how do you keep up with and make sense of all the changes? Every day, my inbox is filled and I must confess that the past week I spent more time reading and catching up then doing productive work!

Fortunately, there are industry leaders and experts who keep themselves updated on the latest.  They do the research and have the connections and will be able to provide us with answers.  They can suggest new strategies for the new game plan moving forward. 

These issues will be addressed and answered in March.  You will know what you can or can not do and what you should do.  Armand will be holding a Live Event for three days to address these issues.  Armand is an authoritative and familiar figure in the Internet Marketing world and certainly no stranger to those of us in Singapore and Malaysia.

For three days, he will talk on new marketing strategies in the light of these changes. He will also talk on harnessing the use of social media and Bing.  Judging by what has been shared in the preview video, he is going to cover a lot of material both to the newbies as well as the seasoned marketers. You will want to watch the video here.

So are you going to start making plans to go to LA?  There is nothing like live events. The energy as well as the meeting of like-minded people makes the learning so much more fun and relevant.  Watch this video now and learn how to change with the tide and tap into new tools for your online business.

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