It’s Free But It May Cost You Time And Resources

When I open my mails box, it is not uncommon to find a heap of promotional mails from various retail shops giving out free services or products. Same thing with my email in box! I have more mails then I have time to sieve through.  There are just as many free gifts and bonuses given out by internet marketers all made accessible through the click of the mouse.

These internet or online marketers are making their services and products accessible to me without any effort on my part to earn or pay for them. These services and products are given to me free as a bonus, something on top of the product that I am paying for. Yet for those free bonuses to have any effect on me or my business, I need to first avail myself to the bonuses. What does that mean?

Avail Yourself To The Gift: If you let the free bonuses lie unclaimed, un-utilized, they are not going to benefit you in the least no matter how great or powerful they are. To claim the benefits of those free bonuses and for them to have effect on you and your business, you need to reach out and take action; whether it is to watch a video or to listen to an audio or to download a free digital book (and read it) or to join a membership for a month to try it out. It’s free alright, and to truly accept and receive it and let it take effect in your life, you need to use it and that takes commitement, time and resources.

If you are not careful you will start collecting a knowledge base (stacks of CDs, books, reports, videos) without having the time and discipline to appropriate that knowledge into your life. These gifts will have no impact or effect in your business or your life if you do not digest, internalize and use them.

The killer formula or application is only good if you apply them. The tips and the techniques will only work if you practice and continue to exercise your mental, physical and spiritual muscles. So before you scorn at the next product or service on line and say “I know that”, ask yourself if you have done anything with the knowledge or product that you have. Knowing will not help. Doing it correctly and continuously may lead to the result your want. Talk is Cheap, less talk and more action would be a good motto to have.

Pick What You Need For This Moment.
The other thing in relation to the many bonuses is that today we are  spoiled for choices. There is so much good products with bonuses on the internet in the information age that we are often overwhelmed with the many options. What is touted to be the best tool may not be what you need now – well you may not be ready for it.  And when you do get the killer tool or application you would need to know how to appropriate them to get the results you want. 

You need to pick the right tool and the right strategy for the right moment, for your business and your personal development.  These tools are all said to be good and you want to have them all. That would not help as your would be drowned under the sea of choices.  Getting a trusted advisor or partner will help you narrow down your options. Find someone who can guide and advise you, that will save you lots of time and mistakes. Otherwise you may be letting go of the perfect opportunities as you drift through life trying to filter out the noise from the music, buried in activities and busy-ness yet not producing the results you want.

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