Marketing With Heart?

Do you find yourself running away from "sales" amd "marketing" people?  Don’t you hate doing "Sales"?  Well what if life is about sales?  I mean, we are in the business of selling ourselves every day; selling our services, our performance (whether we are in our own business or employed as an employee).   Some of us also sell products (physical or digital).

Have you ever wondered what your thought are surrounding sales or marketing personnel?  I am quite sure the list of emotions you come up with can be quite long.   Wouldn’t it be nice if you can do sales and marketing while maintaining your own integrity and congruence, spreading goodness and value?

Here’s a new way of looking at marketing, it’s called "Bridging Heart and Marketing".  Feel free to download and read the transcript of an interview with Jim and Judith.  Jim and Judith are a husband and wife psychology team and leader of a new trend of bridging heart and marketing.   Click here to access report and feel quite free to pass this on to anyone who is afraid of sales or marketing! 
You can also download an audio recording of the actual tele seminar where they were interviewed.  Then share your thoughts with me concerning sales and marketing.  

By the way, this is my view on sales and marketing.  If I have or know of something which is of value (whether our services or product) and I do not let others know of it then I am not passing on the blessings bestowed upon me.  Universe would want me to be a channel of blessings and abundance instead of hoarding the blessings all to myself.  That would be just a little too selfish, don’t you think?  Love to hear from you

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