How Are You Celebrating International Women’s Day?

The United Nations designated 8th of March as a day to honor the political and human rights achievements of women worldwide.  Today’s women have gone far beyond the limit set for them socially, economically and politically.  This is significant day indeed in celebrating success of women worldwide.

To the generation of young girls, I want to urge you to look upon your mothers and their mothers as role models who have broken grounds before them.  Model them and create miracles as your mother and grand mother have done.   Know that there is no place you cannot go, nothing you cannot do, if you set your heart on it.  And you are capable to do so much more to make a difference to the lives around and beyond you.

There are many successful women today serving as CEOs and political leaders.  And there are also the women who pull together all the resources they have to provide for their children when the man in their lives are no longer around. You went beyond your limit and created miracles, you went forward and conquered new grounds.

Today I salute and celebrate women who have demonstrated quiet strength with confidence, who know no limits and do not accept "No" for an answer.  Because of your vision and sense of mission and purpose, you have carved out new paths for yourself and your next generation.  Where it seemed impossible, you made it achieveable. 

To the women reading this, how are you celebrating the success and achievement that you created out of impossibilities?  Are you setting aside time to count your accomplishment and give yourself the credit and acknowledgement you deserve? And be sure to reward yourself and recognised your success no matter how many times you think you may have done better.  

Just spend some time in quietness to savour the sweetness of how far you have come and rejoice in the possibilities you have crafted for the next generation.

So, celebrate this day and celebrate You.

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