Women And Emotions – Weakness Or Strength?

In a recent interview with a local magazine I was asked if female managers are more difficult to work with.     And whether it is better for them to stay at home and take care of their family than to stick their neck out in a male dominated corporate world.

These questions have been asked time and again and I am only intrigued that up to now, there is still a stereotype view of female; an invisible, silent yet apparent “oppression” that women is subjected to.  This is the subtle gender discrimination that still lurks around whether we like it or not.

I have outlined at least 4 areas where women may differ from men:

1 – Physical make up – women have different structures from men
2 – Mental/intellectual make up – women process information differently from men
3 – Emotional make up – women are said to be more emotional
4 – Communication and Leadership style   

And if you add to that the difference that are imposed externally due to

5 – Ethnic
6 – Cultural believes, as well as
7 – Religion

you have a kaleidoscope of barriers that women need to break through to live liberated, fulfilled and authenticlives.

Each of the above can take up an entire discussion to address.

– If you feel that you are not living your most inspired life
– If you know that there is more to what you are currently experiencing in life
– If you are looking for ways to free yourself from age-old bondages of stereotypes and invisible oppressive shackles – there is a way out.

In this week’s Heart-to-Heart Coffee Talk, I like to address just one of the many issues.  That of the emotional make up of female and how that impact their role as professionals at work as well as caretakers at home.

– Are you weaker because you are emotional?
– Is being emotional preventing you from achieving your best? 
– Can you as a woman perform leadership role effectively with your emotions?
– How are your emotions serving you at home with family members?

You are invited to join us on the call.  It is absolutely free and we will be discussing the secret to unlocking these bondages and to ride on the strength in women’s emotions.  With this tip, you can

– Rise above and be the best self that you can be and
– Embrace your authentic qualities and excel at work and at home
– Live free and fulfilled, celebrating your womenhood

Register for the call here, it is absolutely free.  We will have a great time and a wonderful conversation!

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