My Phone Interview With Self-Made Success Coach

From time to time I will bring on an expert to share with us insights so we can expand out views and see if the new knowledge can support us in our pursuit of an abundant life. This week, our guest Michael Tan speaks on financial literacy and strategy as a crucial ingredient to anyone seeking financial freedom. 

Most of us are good in some facets of our lives, whether it is health, work, relationships or finance. There are sub areas within each of these facets where we are very good at and some where we may not have all the latest updates and knowledge. I am always hungry for learning new things. However reading up on all areas takes up time. So I leverage on others.

This week we look at using real estate as a tool towards financial independence. Michael has some fresh insights which he shares with his students who are now making good progress with their investment – even in this economy.

So if you are up for this, just sign up as my guest, join us for a conversation and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on the topic. Sign up for the Free Call on Financial Freedom here. And here's a quick presentation on what you can expect from the call.

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