2 Ingredients For Your Implementation Plan

A short video on the 2 components that are important in any implementation plan. Once we have set the goals (the ‘why’ and the ‘what’), the ‘how’ needs these 2 ingredients for these resolutions to materialise.

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Coupon for New Year Coaching Program
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3 comments on “2 Ingredients For Your Implementation Plan

  1. Good ideas, but believe me, it is hard to achieve, I have tried before…….. It is not about giving up easily but it is just human nature, I think. That’s why I always admire you and your MUm who will keep trying to show examples to others…..
    I will try again anyhow…Thks for your advice and persistence in keeing in touch…..I AM BACK

    • Very nice to have you back! And even nicer to see you commenting again! Miss ya!

      It’s not easy, I know – I am just as human with down time and who goes off course at times too. But I am grateful for little ‘aha’ moments that give insights into what I can do about my situations. There are many great examples ahead of me and I intent to continue learning and growing and sharing those insights. Nature too has many lessons for me, more on this in coming posts …

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