Accountability With Multiple Collaborative Third-Mind Views?


What happens when people of like minds and common goals come together and share tips on how they can achieve their goals?

What happens when they do that on a regular basis and in a structured manner within an environment of collaboration, respecting each other's views?

Add to that the opportunity to make public your own specific goal for the week so you can hold yourself accountable.

You have a powerhouse of resource and a strong support structure – it is commonly referred to as a masterminding group.

What is masterminding?  In Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich" the concept of masterminding (in Chapter 10) was outlined as the secret of success for many outstanding financial achievers, business entrepreneurs and academicians alike.

is when people of like minds come together and focus on achieving a predetermined goal set by the group.  Each person contributes his knowledge and expertise and are committed to the group; is willing to support and to ask for support.

"No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind."  It is this collective synergy that will help individual aspires higher and achieve more.

It is natural to think this this is only for the 7-figure income entrepreneurs who have made it and are hanging out together.  But this is not so.  Quite the contrary, masterminding is a tool that will help each one of us get to the next level of our journey.  We do not wait to be successful before we tap into this powerhouse but we want to tap into the collective resource now so we can be successful faster.

Every financially successful businesses or individuals work with other people and to a large extent their relationship inside this group of masterminding partners is the factor that made the difference for them to overcome the obstacles that they faced in their lives. 

A mastermind group can be formed for any purpose, it is not limited to entrepreneurs discussing business strategies. The idea is to  have a space for the group to advance a cause that is of common interests and mutual appeal to the partners of the mastermind. 

The best time to start masterminding is when you have made a commitment and are highly motivated to think and play big and to be serious about what you want to achieve. Because your mastermind partners will be there to "challenge" you with setting weekly goals and taking actions.  It is a place that makes things happen; not your cosy get-together-catch-up party.

If you are wondering how a mastermind is conducted or how it can help you, here's a free report for you.  Click to  download A Step-By-Step Masterminding Report.

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  1. Hi Dania,

    Thanks for the tweeting.
    Feel free to get the free report and join me for the master minding.
    Wonderful things happen when you are focus, 7 minutes suddenly feel like a lot of time and you get a lot more accomplished 🙂


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