Happiness As Your Habit

I just came out of a 3-day workshop with T Harv Eker on learning to Master Your Mind.  It is an incredible weekend and I have made so much notes that I am looking forward to putting these down into journals and practice.

One thing I bring back with me, among the millions of wisdom buggets shared is this, that Happiness is a Habit. Yes, it is not just a feeling or a state, it is a habit.

That means, if I am not happy now, chances are I won’t be happy when ____ happens. Happiness is not in the future, not contingent upon something happening. It is about cultivating and nourishing a consistent habit.

Wish I can write more now, but I need to rush for my coach ride back to KL for a big celebration tonight with the family. It’s my brother’s 25th wedding anniversary.

Isn’t that something to rejoice in and be happy about?  And I am sure they did not wait 25 years so they can be happy now.   I know for a fact that they have been celebrating happiness and joy along the 25 years of marriage, through thick and thin, sickness and health.

Ok I have to go lest I miss my coach, watch this space for more nuggets of wisdom …

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