Making Wealth This Chinese New Year?

Been a busy week for me and my body decides to ask for a break. I was fighting a nasty bout of flu and not getting quite as much done as I would have liked …

For those celebrating the Lunar New Year, you’ll know how busy this period this and how congested traffic becomes! Yet, spring promises new hope, as a new season of planting begins.

Favorite phrase used during the Chinese New Year is ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ which means congratulating you on your wealth/prosperity.

Making Wealth This Chinese New Year?
Making Wealth This Chinese New Year?

Custom dictates that the elders give away red nice packets (with real cash) as a gesture of sharing and blessing for the wealth and abundance one has been bestowed with.

While it is nice to say and hear all these Chinese proverbs, we know that saying it alone will not make things happen, neither will hoping it.

What is prosperity and wealth? And how do you get that?

Eben has been showing us some misconceptions about wealth and some pitfalls to look out for in his video series.

Something really resonated with me especially I tend to be on the emotional side and have not paid too much attention to getting some training in this area.

Eben just sent me a new video and added in some 3 or 4 new bonuses (seriously I lost count) to his Self Made Wealth program.

If you’ve been considering the this self-paced home-based training, you can check out the new video here. And if not, the free videos and reports provide great insights into how we can respond towards finance to make wealth a reality.

Either way, I am wishing you a Happy, Blessed and Abundant Year ahead!

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