Not Perfect But I Am Sharing Joy This Season

It’s Christmas Eve already? Unbelievable!

I took some random raw footage of Christmas in KL which I posted onto my facebook pages. In case you did not have a chance to visit those pages, here are the short videos.

It’s no where near perfect – all taken while I was on the go so you’ll see abrupt shaking shots but I do want to share Christmas cheers with you …

And another one here. If you are stressed, remember that the message is greater than the gift. Smile, this is always well received and will most probably soften any tension/pressure.

Where ever you are, and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I am sending you wishes of Hope, Love, Joy and Peace and Abundance for the year ahead.

May you and your loved ones soak in the wonders and miracles of Christmas. Christmas has a way of transforming hearts!

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