Invitation To Mid Week Stress Relief Tips Tele Seminar

During National Stress Awareness Day, I share with you some statistics on stress and we had a better awareness of how widespread the impact of stress is.

We looked at some symptoms and effect of Stress – physically, emotionally intellectually and spiritually.

We also had an interesting discussion on why more people are getting increasingly stressed although there is now more resources on stress management than ever before.

During that call, we did an exercise and I led you to identify the areas in which you are stressed, the major stress you want to address and your next step.

In this coming seminar I will share with you one tip that can help you relax and have a better handle on the issues you are facing. This is one tip which I think will set the precedence for all other tips and this tip alone can help you deal with stress physcially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

Register for the public call here and we will talk soon.

It will be great if you can join us for the live call, if not register anyway and you will have access to the recorded replay.

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