Tele Seminar On Stress Awareness On National Stress Awareness Day

Tele Seminar Series – Stress Awareness On National Stress Awareness Day

Here’s my personal invite to come join me for a tele seminar on stress awareness on Nov 3rd, National Stress Awareness Day.

3rd 2010 is the National Stress Awareness Day for those in the UK (April 16th for those in the US). It is appropriate that we recognize the impact and symptoms of stress and begin our discussion on finding solutions for the increasingly wide spread stress in our society.

Stress levels within the public sector have reached new heights over the past year. With the Treasury predicting 500,000 job losses as a result of the spending review,
it is not surprising that stress levels will continue to rise – for those who have been made redundant as well as for those staying behind.

And with the holiday season just around the corner stress is running high this time of the year. S
tress is not only affecting the adults, it is also affecting our youth. Teen and childhood depression is reported to be on the rise.

Today we have more resources and knowledge about stress management than ever before. Yet stress level is on the rise. Why is that? What is missing in the implementation? Information? know-how? The correct attitude and mindset?

Come join me this Stress Awareness Day.
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Event is now over but you can register to be notified of upcoming events. I look forward to connecting with you.

Whether you can join me or not on the Stress Awareness Call, I hope you can take 10 minutes to ponder on the symptoms and impact of stress manifesting in your life and your strategy for managing it.

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