Work With One Heart?

A Page dedicated to providing you with Stress Relief Tips as you combat pressures and demands of modern living (II)

Following on from the previous post, in case you are wondering what the domain name means – I may have shared on another post that my Chinese name is Yi Xin (
一心). It literally means One Heart in the Chinese Language. Mom and Dad must have wanted me to be single-heartedly devoted and focused in all that I do.

That is why I keep my stress relief tips  and stress management stuff on the domain

When we are focused (which usually happens when we are quiet within and know what we want), we will have clarity, creativity and productivity.  The kind of stress we experience will be good, 
healthy eustress that is necessary for our growth, development and maturity.

Does stress ever go away? No.
When you have overcome your current challenges and stress, you will then graduate to the next level / phase where more intense training awaits you. And as long as you learn and build upon your stress management skills
, you will have greater clarity, creativity and productivity even as your pressures and stress increase.

Without that stillness and focus, when all kinds of things are looking attractive and demanding for your attention you get overwhelmed, emotional and cannot think. If you do not know how to handle that, you will end up not having enough resources to cope with the growing demands. Prolong this state and you will join the club of people living under chronic stress without even realizing it.

OK, this is not supposed to be a post on Stress Management but hopefully now you understand why I chose this domain name for my Stress Relief Tips Page. By the way, look out for tele seminars happening at the Stress Relief Tips Page, I believe the next one is happening on Wed evening 9pm US ET. .

Come join me and together we will re-claim our joyful, fun-filled, productive life. Share you stress relief tips with others and we can all benefit from each others' learning.

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