What Does Stress Look Like?

Stress is not a thing, an event or a person.
It is not tangible; it is what you make it out to be.

You decide what it is.

Yeap, you are that powerful.
Stress occurs inside of us as a response to perceived or real pressures.

People, events and situations and pressures will be there.
How you interpret that situations will create for you your very own stress.

The struggle is within you.

Do you know how stress is manifesting in your life now?
Sorry, I was ahead of myself.

Let’s try that again.
Are there signs of stress showing up in your life?

I was once living in stress and not know that until it snowed ball and cried out for attention. And I did not know what was most effective in dealing with this ‘thing’ called stress.

If you feel the same just know that stress which means different thing to different people is a force that can be tamed and managed.

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