A Place Especially For Stress Relief Tips

A Page dedicated to providing you with Stress Relief Tips as you combat pressures and demands of modern living

I am finally dedicating an entire page to my Stress Management posts, articles, videos, podcast and events.

These tips will still appear at this blog site as well as on the Abundant Lives Coaching Page.  As you may have noticed, in these 2 places I also talk about personal development, personal coaching, setting goals, core values alignment, marketing and other inspirational themes.

I am now at a place and time where I can organized my materials and content better so you get more focused messages at the different pages.

I will devote this new Stress Relief Tips Page to all things Stress Related. 
Very soon, I will be having regular tele seminars / webinars and I will address commonly asked questions on coping with stress at the new Stress Page.

I am beginning to find that emailing responses to individuals may not be the best way forward as I see common trends in the questions asked.  Also by publishing my response publicly everyone can contribute to the conversations and we can all benefit from others' questions and input as well.

I love to have you join me at my Stress Relief Page (at www.WorkWithOneHeart.com/stressrelief) if you are interested in conversations surrounding that topic. Stress is affecting so many of us and responsible for so much of today's diseases that we'll do well to manage stress before it starts managing us

The good news is that we can learn to cope with stress and here's my personal invitation to you to join me at the Stress Relief Tips Page.


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