Opening Up to Abundance!

Where are we today with regards to Abundance?  Am I satisfied with where I am?  Do I envy those who have Abundance?  How is it that some seem to have much Abundance while other just can’t seem to get it?

I have heard this before but today I begin to catch a new understanding.  Abundance is here, it is around me, and for some unknown reason I have chosen to shut Abundance out of my life!  God forbid!  But that is what I had done.  I had not let Abundance come in!

Think of all the doors that I have closed on people I don’t agree with or understand; I have shut them out of my life.  And all the thoughts which I would not entertain because they don’t seem to make logical sense; I have chosen to stay exactly where I am in my thinking pattern without opening up to consider new perspectives.  Abundance is waiting and wanting to come in and I in my own narrow-mided obstinacy am keeping it firmly out by shutting the door tight and not allowing it in!

“You create the life you want” – these are powerful words yet there is much truth in it.  As I allow myself to open up the door that I have shut for years to the people that matter the most to me, love and peace and joy flood in.  In fact I even had a little Divine help from above in the form of written text confirming to me that opening up to peace is one sure way to Abundance. 

Have we shut Abundance out of our lives?  Is there stuck or stale energy somewhere?  Open up and let it flow!  Open up and let the light come in, together with the ventilation and the fresh air.  Abundance is waiting to come in, will we let go of the old and the stale and open up to the new and the fresh?