Progress vs Regress – Life Does Not Stand Still

Inspiration "Video" – Both In Content And Presentation!

I was preparing for my next presentation when I discovered Prezi. So guess what?
Yes, I will be playing around with Prezi and using it for my next presentation.

This makes presentation "slides" more engaging and hopefully my audience will get my message more clearly and will remember it for a longer time.

Technology advances because people are progressing every week, every day. They expect more and we need to deliver on expectation.  

The Chinese have a proverb that depicts life and learning; 
逆水行舟 不进则退. It roughly means "You are steering your boat upstream against the current. If you do not move ahead, you will be swept behind". 

Life does not stand still for you. Move in step and keep the momentum or take the risk of being left behind

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