Work That System For Your Success

Heavy workload and a sense of chaos pose as big challenges to a new start up solo entrepreneur.  In this case, one person covers every function from marketing to production to operations and setting up of basic logistics.

You don’t know where to start or how to handle the daily demands of business operations. Sometimes you feel that you can conquer the entire world. Other times you feel that you have made the wrong decisions and you are ready to try something else.

How do you manage this sense of overwhelm?

You need a proven system that will help you put the logistics and structures in place and lay the foundation. If you have never done any business, you will want to learn from a mentor, a coach, an advisor or an expert who has been there and done that. You want to learn from their mistakes without making them and save yourself a lot of time. You want guidelines and sign posts so you achieve your success in a shorter time frame.

If you try things out on your own it may take too long and cost too much and the stakes are high. You may not want to let time and opportunity go by as you try to figure things out for the first time. So find a system that works and work that system.

You need to work that system, one opportunity at a time. It sounds simple yet too often we want to conquer the whole word at once. It is good to have big visions and dreams, and to achieve that dream you need to keep your focus on the current tasks at hand. One plan at a time, one project at a time. If you try to do too much you lose focus and concentration not to mention that fact that you will be pulled in different directions. But by tackling your world one step at a time you get to see proven results before you duplicate the system for another market or another product. This way you maintain high success rates.

There is no need to rush into success. If the foundation is firm and you work a proven system, you can easily duplicate your success. Taking on too much in too short a time will wreak havoc in your business and personal life. And if you do that over a period and you will soon be flat out, consumed, exhausted.

You need to follow through and complete the system – no magic pill. Too many give up too soon. Before you have put in enough effort and complete the course do not write your project off as a failure and move onto the next thing that excites you. These seed take time to grow. We need to work the system and let nature takes its course in its own time. We cannot make the plant grow faster by pulling and tugging it every day. If you do that you will be jeopardizing your own project.

Never mind that there are new product launches and new opportunities every week, you stick to what you are working now until you have completed the course and then evaluate if you want to continue of change course. Give up prematurely and you can be throwing away your success just before it dawns on you. So complete what you started off with and finish the entire course before you move onto the next market, product or phase.

Follow these simple steps and you will find that you can cut out a lot of the noise and distraction and unnecessary stress in minding your own business.

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  1. Louisa , you are amazing in the way you lay the topic, explain it and then finally , lay the solution in such a simple and logical mananer – thank you

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