Your Criteria For A Life Coach

Two weeks ago I asked for your feedback on what you look for in a coach.

And as you generously provided your input I am sharing the results with you here.

I hope the graph is not too small. You can see that they come very close to each other.  

Among the list include the following:
1  –  Experience
2  –  Credentials
3  –  Inspirational
4  –  Formerly Trained
5  –  With Proven Results
6  –  Upholding Code of Ethics
7  –  Questioning Skills
8  –  Listening Ears
9  –  Authentic, with Integrity
10 – Desire To Make a Difference To Others

Top of the list is a tie between A Desire To Make A Difference and Upholding A Code Of Ethics. Next, we have another tie, all 4 have the same number of votes: Authenticity and Integrity, Listening Ears, Experience and Those with Proven Results. Credentials came in with the least vote – 4% chose this as a criteria.

This provides great data for me, food for thought for another post! What stands out is not surprising; people are looking for coaches, trainers and leaders who want to and can make a difference, who care for and hold themselves accountable to a code of ethics. Credentials and certification is not in their map.

And that brings me to another poll. I have been thinking about how I can best support you as my loyal readers and subscribers.

I have great content to share with you and I want them to address your most pressing and specific need now. So instead of guessing what may be helpful, I rather hear from you personally. That way I can provide the most relevant support in making a difference to your life now. What would you want to see more of in the articles and training programs that I design?

– Are you seeking to live a more healthy life, get fit and grounded/calm?
– Are you trying to figure out a way to balance productive work and quality life?
– Are you trying to build your business with an online presence and are a little frustrated, disappointed or stuck in your online ventures?
– Are you toying with the idea of having a part time Coaching / Training practice so you can transition into it when you are ready?

Choose "Others" and write in free text in the comment below if what you have in mind is not listed. I will see what I can do to bring you the support that will make the most difference to your endeavour now. Thanks!


Feel free to make use of the comments in this post to send in your request. If you want some free tips on what you are looking for, leave me your input. When I see enough comments with a common thread I will post some free tips training here.

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