Relax Tired Muscles Easily And Naturally – Upside Down

So often we are tied to our desk and chair – at work and even after work (when we slip into our home office and start catching up on some "stuff" after dinner). If you spend as much time as I do at the desk, sitting, typing, reading, then you may have tight shoulders and beck and maybe even back pain and tight hamstring too. 

I love massages and I also have a hand-held electronic massager, but today I have a DIY and natural way of relaxing those sore and tired joints/muscles that I want to share with you. Are you up for it?

Do you remember me inviting Lucas Rockwood for a tele-class on living your naturally healthy and stress-free life? That class did not go as well as we would have wanted it to.  We experienced technological woes as Barcelona had a city-wide telecommunication problem and we could not quite hear Lucas! And since then, Lucas has gone on a teaching trip to Asia and I could not get him back for another while … 

However, thanks to video recording, we have Lucas "here" again showing us how we can do a simple child's pose – only this is an inverted child post. Simple, safe and it really makes a difference.

Child pose is a great restorative and relaxing pose.  I see my little nephew doing it whenever he needs to renew his energy. And he can do it anywhere, even if it is just using a restaurant chair – when he is desperately fighting jet lags.  Try Lucas' version of
child's pose and see if it works for you. You do want to experiment and try new things, right?

Watch his video on doing an inverted child pose – the one that says (Japanese Dressing, Child's Pose) then try it. It will be fun!

One thing I am more aware of through learning yoga is to work with my body and not push it. Gravity, letting go, sinking in gradually and naturally and accepting my current "state" will open up those tight joints and relax tight muscles. There is no need to push or pull with brute force. Nice and gentle does it, take you deep breathes, get some blood and oxygen circulating and then we are ready for another hour or focused work!

That is what productivity is about. We must factor in short periods of  break in our busy and intense work schedule. That will increase our concentration and productivity.

I hope you'll find this helpful. Let me know how it goes. And while you are at it, you may also want to introduce more raw food into your diet. It not only saves you time cooking and cleaning, it provides your body with more wholesome nutrients. Check it out!

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