Success – A New Look

What is success?  How does it look like?  I wonder how one would know if one has attained success?  And do you know success means to you?  Is that where we throw in happiness and freedom and power and a sense of fulfilment?  If that is case, then are you successful?  In the corporate world, you will be talking about Key Performance Index, criteria, Score Cards, performance and evaluations methods and allowable variances. I wonder who sets these to be the benchmark anyway?  So how do you know if you are successful?

That’s a string of questions I have when I think of success. And I don’t claim to have all the answers. I have done my share of book reading, seminars, conferences, workshops and talking to successful people and I see certain traits in them. The following comes to mind when I think of success:

I see successful people as having definite goals in their minds and they are consistently in motion and they are focused.  They have a plan, they make the commitment to start acting on the plan and they consistently form habits and rituals that move them steadily towards the goals.  They “move in spite of” and they do “whatever it takes“; they are committed to complete the course.   Successful people know what they want, they have a game plan and they are in the game and working the plan consistently and persistenlty until the race is run, until the crown is won.

You might ask "what about reaching the goal?"   I used to think that reaching the goal signifies success and everything else would not count.  That is to say that of I don’t make it, I fail.  This is as simple as it can get. However, I am beginning to see it in a different light now and I invite you to consider this thought with me.

Scarcity thinking says there is one winner while the rest are losers.  Abundance thinking sees that there can be more than one winner.  In fact everyone can be a winner; some just has more or arrives faster. And you may even want to ask who sets the parameters on timeline and critical success factors anyway? Are these absolutes?  Infallible?  Indisputable?  And how do you know that?

Instead of defining success as arriving at the goal, I am inviting you to consider success as being in the game and working full on towards the goal with a definite game plan with 100% commitment.  The reaching of the goal will come and it may be after we discover some new knowledge and learnt a few things along the way.

So are you successful?  Happy? Fulfilled?  Free?  I am likely to hear a “Yes!” 

Can you be more successful?  Happier?  More fulfilled?  Experience more freedom and exhibit more power and be a bigger person?   You bet!  Yes and Yes!.  With this new view of success, you can now enjoy your success as you work towards more success instead of seeing yourself as not successful until you reach a certain target or point which you have set.

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