Power and Prosperity

Those in power have it all, high net worth, lavish life style, inconceivable luxuries and an abundance of every toy imaginable.  We admire their power and envy their prosperity.  We want to model and learn from him.

Yet what is it about this power that brings the world to these powerful people’s feet? Position? Office? Tittles?  Charisma? Their riches and abundance?  The authority and wisdom that they have? What draws respect and attracts the many in the quest for the “answer” for abundance and prosperity?

I just came out of a seminar that draws 5,000 people from all over Asia, parts of Europe, North Ameria, Australasia and even Suth Africa.  They took leave from their work, made the necessary travel, work and domestic responsibilities arrangement so they can attend to the authoritative figure to learn from him over 3 long and challenging days (yes long as in from 9am to 12:00am!)

And I cannot help but wonder “What is it that draws this crowd?” I have seen many rich, successful personalities living in prosperity, but I have yet to see the magnitude of audience and the frenzy of participants with the eagerness they exhibit as they aside their daily chores to flock to this Trainer.  It is no wonder that this Trainer is swimming in a sea of green notes, talk of prosperity and abundance!

So what is this about the power of this Trainer that attracts?  Care to share if you have an interesting view? Contact us if you would like to know our views…….. 

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