Transformation into A New You

To all my dear Quantum Leap friends: you will not see me at "Train the Trainer" Program next week in Singapore.  That’s only because I have attended the course in Feb and graduated; and yes I made it.  I know you will learn many lessons, not only how to design curriculum and deliver it but there will be personal breakthrough, and growth of the inner self.  I feel excited for you even as I am thinking about this.

My encouragement to you will be to complete what you have started.  It is all too easy for us to want to give up when the going gets tough.  We start, we try, and often we give up and we start something new again.  Do we wonder why there was no result?

I have been reminded of Blair’s Singer’s teaching on pertubation the past week as I write about transformation and re creation.  Indeed as Blair teaches, when we apply pressure past the threshold, we will see a re ordering which evolves into a more complex structure able to handle more pressure.  There is no other way to grow than to welcome challenges and difficulties.

If we want to be strong and fit, we need to grow our muscles group.  We need to continually add more pressure to what we think we can handle, we want to just push past the threshold.  Otherwise the muscles will not have the opportunity to develop and grow.  Coal does not become diamond without undergoing intense heat and pressure over time.

We discussed some useful tips on releasing stress in our last tele seminar; we talked of various things that we can do to live stress free lives.  However please do not take that to mean that we do not want to have pressure in our lives.  Stress and pressure are two different things and I want us to be very clear that I do not advocate escaping pressure.

The fact is that we are all under pressure all the time.  We can’t run away from pressure.  And if we know that pressure helps us grow and develop, we won’t want to run away from it.  The key is in knowing how to manage that pressure or rather how to benefit from having the pressure.

Stand in the heat; believe in yourself that you can go through the fire.  Nothing is too difficult for you.  All things happen for a reason and that which is placed in front of you now is there for a purpose.  Do not fight it, welcome it; let it transform you into a stronger person.

Know that when you have crossed the line, you will not be the same.  The process is irreversible.  You will not be the same person when you have crossed the threshold; you will be a new you.  So welcome the pressure, welcome the change, a new you awaits you on the other side of the threshold.

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