There Is No Key To Happiness

I came across this most beautiful verse yesterday that I want to share with you. It goes: 

 "There is no key to happiness; the door is always open"

How enlightening is that?  Don’t we always go looking for some secrets to unlock the door to this elusive thing we call happiness?  No wonder we cannot find it because there is no need for such a key if the door is never closed let alone locked!  What were we thinking about?

Happiness is not meant to be kept or hidden away from us.  Happiness is in fact made so accessible to us that it has it’s door wide open for us.  But for some reasons we do not see or recognise the door to happiness …

Do you see happiness around you?    
Do you feel happy?  
Are you happy now?

What does Happiness mean to you anyway?  
What constitutes Happiness
What is keeping you away from being happy?

What ever it is that is keeping you from being and feeling happy need not be there, is not meant to be there.   I wonder what it would take to discover the happiness around and within you as well as the happiness that is waiting for you to appreciate and share?

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