Winning The Inner Game

I am back from Enlightened Warrior Training Camp!  Boy, was it challenging and was that some training.  The days were filled with events and programs.   And while I was ready for the physical training, there were aha moments that I had not anticipated.  No wonder Harv Eker named it the Enlightened Warrior Training Camp. Every word means exactly what it says.   It was enlightening, it is to train me into a warrior and it was a camp.

While I can write a book about what transpired in those 5 days, I will not.  Yet the learning and the discoveries have revealed and opened up new ways of perceptions.  I came back with new awareness and appreciation for myself and those around me.  I have new eyes, new mind, new ears, new heart and a new way of living.  It has been an intensive 5 days and my body is crying for rest, yet my soul is refreshed and renewed.  It is the inner game that will show up in the outer game.

I can perhaps sum up the training with these words.  I am now darker on the outside yet have more awareness/consciousness on the inside.   Exhausted physically yet pleasantly renewed and refreshed spiritually. 

Life is so much more than the mundane and the hum drum and the long list of inconveniences and injustice that we see.  If you have a chance to see you and your life in a new way, I invite and request you to do just that.  

Open up to self development, get in touch with yourself, get clarity and purpose and have someone help you set up support structures and accountability.  You will be pleasantly surprised and the benefit will be well worth it!   So go get onto a good training program or get yourself a mirror (your coach) to work on your inner game for outer success and happiness.

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